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What is NEGW?

From your local supermarket to your neighborhood grocery stores, we are hard-working men and women who help you with the groceries you need to take care of your families. We are your friends and neighbors, and we work hard because you work hard.

We are committed to helping grocery store workers earn a better life by supporting better wages and better benefits, like affordable health insurance, and providing stable schedules for the people who service you across our communities.

Grocery Workers on the Move is a new partnership between grocery professionals and the customers we serve, between nonunion workers and the amazing members of the United Food and Commercial Workers, the grocery workers’ union. No matter the store, or the towns across New England we call home, we are united behind one goal: helping provide every grocery worker who works hard the opportunity to earn a better life for themselves and their family.

So join with us, and help us make our stores better and communities stronger.

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