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Stop and Shop Worker Speaks Out

IMG_20160209_153331689_HDR“I’m proud of what we built for our families. We stood together, and negotiated a contract that makes our lives better. Everyone who works hard should have the same opportunity.” – Jen, East Lyme, CT.

The UFCW is the Union for Co-op Workers

grandin“We stand together. I think our union is the best thing that ever happened to the co-op. People had this false idea that the union was coming in to take over. It wasn’t the union coming in to take over, it was all the workers coming together for change.” – Adam Grandin, UFCW member, Green Fields Market.

Around a million grocery workers across North America are united in seeking better lives for themselves and their families through the United Food and Commercial Workers or UFCW. They work in all kinds of grocery and retail markets, from huge national chains like Kroger to small neighborhood stores. All have realized that they can have both a more successful company and a more successful career by uniting and standing for a better place to work.

Co-Op Workers Are Building a Better Tomorrow

gowler“The retail food cooperatives at which we work will never achieve their full potential, in terms of being just workplaces, or in terms of their full economic impact or their influence within the local community without the voices of their workers being heard, their ideas enacted and their creativity given free rein.” –David Gowler, UFCW member, River Valley Market

Across the country, millions of Americans have found the solution for sustainable, affordable food. Food co-ops have revolutionized our relationship with the grocery store, with our friends and neighbors and our environment. Governed collectively and not driven by profit, these organizations are finding innovative ways to bring fresh food into every community.

Sometimes, though, despite being built around the principle of everyone being heard and having a voice, co-ops stray from their true mission. Workers can find their co-op run more like a corporation and less like a community organization. But by sticking together, co-op workers can bring their work back to its roots.

United with a voice at work by joining the UFCW, thousands of co-op workers across America have been able to rebuild their workplaces. These co-ops have improved relations with their workers, recognize the value of the hard work of co-op workers and use innovative techniques for worker-management collaboration for a more successful co-op. Because the co-op and the union are both democratically-run organizations, co-op workers are able to create an a channel of communication with their employer to make improvements.

An Innovative Union

marcotte“As a grocery coop employee, I am proud that my union is part of the sustainability movement– and we look forward to deepening out engagement with these issues. Living wages and food security are cornerstones of any truly sustainable community.” – Rachel Marcotte, UFCW member, PCC Natural Markets

As America’s food union, the UFCW drives innovative approaches to sustainability at all levels of the industry. The 1.3 million members of UFCW work in every aspect of the food industry – processing, packing, retail, agriculture and meat production, as well as beverage, wine, beer and liquor production – and their union drives uses these diverse voices to unite for better workplaces at all levels of the food industry. As a member of the Food Chain Workers Alliance, UFCW Locals take in active role in creating a sustainable food chain.

The UFCW is a respected voice on for better agriculture and trade policies. Working with communities, we’re leading the way for real solutions to urban and rural food deserts. We’re pioneering new food distribution techniques based on community ownership of both retail and production through “food hubs”. We’ve driven the national conversation on the impact of gigantic agriculture and retail corporations on America’s food and health.

UFCW members across the country only have this influence because we stand together, unite and make real changes together. You should be part of building a better future with us.

Join us!